The Consultancy Growth Network (TCGN) is a vibrant community tailored for consulting business owners and their teams. It aims to provide invaluable insights, strategic introductions, and actionable advice, facilitating a growth-centric environment for consulting firms ranging from £500k to £30m in revenue. This network is designed for leaders who are ambitious, keen to expand their network, and eager to learn from peers who have navigated similar growth challenges​​.

Initially introduced through The Agency Collective, Total Growth Ownership has been a strategic partner of The Consultancy Growth Network for more than three years. As the official Marketing Positioning Sponsor of the network, Total Growth Ownership is committed to educating, supporting and propelling consultancies towards remarkable growth.


What The Consultancy Growth Network offers consultancies

TCGN is distinguished by its bespoke support and resources, tailored to meet the unique needs of its members. From the Growth Hub to specialised workshops and benchmarking opportunities, TCGN offers a bunch of tools designed to address the specific challenges consulting firms face.

  • Access to Growth Experts: Members can gain insights from a panel of seasoned advisors, all of whom have successfully grown and sold consultancy businesses​​.
  • Strategic introductions: The network facilitates connections with strategic partners and specialist providers across various essential services like HR, marketing, M&A, technology, finance, and legal​​.
  • On demand resources: From podcasts and templates, to webinars and assessments, members get access to the Growth Hub: an on-demand library of over one hundred resources designed to help consultancies maximise their growth trajectory. Here’s one we co-created with TCGN…
  • A vibrant community: TCGN hosts an active Slack community and insightful workshops, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing ideas and best practices​​. The Annual Summit exemplifies the network's commitment to community building, where nearly 200 consultants gather to exchange growth strategies and insights. TCGN's events are a testament to the power of community, providing a platform for consultants to build relationships that extend far beyond the confines of online forums.

tcgn-annual-summitmatt-sponsor-networkmatt-anna-claire(Photographer: Samer Moukarzel)

Moreover, membership tiers offer tailored benefits, ranging from strategic reviews with Growth Experts to participation in the 'Marketers in Consulting' sub-community (hosted by Matt Hodkinson, TGO), which provides focused support for senior marketers within consulting firms​​.


Staying ahead of trends

Under the stewardship of founder Marc Jantzen and Community Director George Berrington, TCGN remains at the forefront of industry trends.

Quarterly meetings with expert panels help anticipate future developments, ensuring that TCGN's programming remains relevant and forward-thinking. This proactive approach empowers members to navigate the ever-evolving consultancy landscape confidently.


The role of partnerships

Partnerships are the cornerstone of TCGN's approach to providing comprehensive support.

By collaborating with specialised consulting partners, TCGN extends its ability to meet the diverse needs of its members, offering expertise and content that enrich the network's resources.

These partnerships underscore TCGN's holistic approach to consultancy growth, emphasising collaboration and mutual support.


Pathway for potential members

For consulting firms considering TCGN membership, the journey begins with a conversation about your growth objectives. TCGN's hands-on account managers play a crucial role in ensuring members fully leverage the network's resources to meet their goals, addressing any concerns related to time and cost efficiency.


If you’re ready to explore how The Consultancy Growth Network can support your consultancy’s growth journey, reach out for an introduction or to learn more about the network’s comprehensive offerings.