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Our flagship programme

Grab the attention of more great-fit clients,
by fixing the TRUE cause of pipeline pain

MEHscapology is a the world's first and only programme designed specifically to help consultancies and other "carbon copy" B2B companies find their unordinary. 


Who it's for

MEHscapology is for you if you're a leader within a consultancy, with revenues of at least £50,000/month. If this is you, you might be struggling with:

  • Grabbing and retaining the attention of great-fit decision makers
  • Convincing prospects that your solution is superior to other consultancy/B2B firms
  • Juggling marketing and sales with delivery, or installing a low maintenance "new business engine" into the business
  • Knowing what to spend on marketing, or who you first marketing hire should be (and at what level)
  • Positioning your consulting firm as the only option, in competitive and RFP situations
  • Finding a marketing advisor that understands the consultancy landscape, and what it takes to win clients consistently

Happy MEHscapees



"The team are really motivated by the new positioning - it's refreshing for them to see the company from new perspectives and this sort of pattern-interrupt is exactly what we needed. Thanks for your expert assistance - great work!"

Matt Atkinson, Chief Innovation Officer

Helen Christopher Verisk


"TGO have helped us to fix what is a complex issue, in a deceptively easy way. We love everything from the coaching to the content, and wish we put a priority on our positioning years ago."

Helen Christopher, CMO



"I believe I'm accurate in saying that everyone found the workshop fantastic - in terms of the process, the output, and your facilitation."

Tony Clark, Founder

How it works

MEHscapology is the only programme to deliver every component of a fully differentiated market position, including:

  • The "Differentiation Playground" Canvas, to capture all aspects of your newly-optimised positioning
  • Access to LucidSpark, the collaborative whiteboard tool, allowing you to work in real time with your MEHscapology Mentors and remote team members
  • Lifetime access to our unique MEHscapology frameworks, to repeat the process for horizontal markets, new solutions, or to account for market shifts
  • 2.5 hours of live one-to-one coaching, via Zoom
  • Direct "ask me anything", rapid response support from our team, for a whole month, via your preferred communication channel.
  • A bunch of bonuses, including free no-obligation consultations with experts on the topics of LinkedIn, SEO, website development, marketing automation, sales, and pay-per-click advertising
  • Oh! And 100 trees planted in your name, just for signing up... our gift to the planet 🌳

How to get started

If you're an ambitious consultancy leader with an existing business, making at least £50,000/month and you're able to invest one day to work ON the business, to unlock the pipeline-boosting potential of your positioning...

...Schedule a call using the calendar below, and our Differentiation Don, Matt, will meet with you on Zoom to see if MEHscapology is a good fit. If you have any questions, email