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For 13+ years, we've been perfecting the art of running a completely differentiated business. Here, you'll learn about who we help, what we do, how we came to be, who we are, and how to get in touch.


What we do

We help founders 6x the pipeline of 1 product, get happy clients, align staff, and live an easier lifestyle. We achieve this through our two training programmes: MEHscapology and UPgrade. Our programmes aim to maximise profits, results, scalability and happiness, whilst minimising complexity, costs, headcount and stress.


How we came to be

The beginning

It started in 2010 when Matt Hodkinson quit his job as an IT consultant. He had an itch to learn more about marketing, which coincided with the emergence of social media - where brands had just started using it to promote themselves. With that, Influence Agents was born.

The growth

As we scaled, and became a Platinum HubSpot Partner, Matt had become an expert of all sorts. This led to international clients, speaking gigs, and a healthy bottom line.

The transition

Over a decade went by and the agency was successful. Then, within a 3-week period, Matt was approached by 3 different agencies who wanted to acquire Influence Agents. It came at a time when Matt was already considering transitioning the agency into a high-level advisory one. The focus was on empowering clients to take ownership of their own growth, rather than being the done-for-you solution. At the opportune time, Matt sold the agency. Enter: Total Growth Ownership.

The lesson

Eager to get our hands dirty, and share what we do best, we dove head first into a group consultancy model. We onboarded our first few clients, and we were excited about the results they were getting. But as we scaled, client results took longer and longer to achieve. We soon realised that the only person group coaching serves... is the coach.

The rebirth

After a year of experimentation, we've now found what we believe is the perfect model, for both our clients, and us. MEHscapology does exactly as it says on the tin - it's a programme that completely differentiates consultancies, in one day - a time frame our clients are more than able to commit to. We put a heavy focus on one-to-one support, because it gets our clients results, in the time frames needed. We believe so much in our solution, that we guarantee it.

The Team


Matt Hodkinson

Founder & Chief MEHscapologist


Claire Hunter

Client Success Director


Amy Pallace

Marketing MEHscapologist

Stephanie Stocker

Stephanie Stocker

Executive Assistant

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